A guide to men's line dancing shoes

  • A guide to men's line dancing shoes

If you love to dance then you will always want shoes!  So whether its Shoes, Chaussures, Schuhe, Sko, Schoenen, Broga, Scarpe or Zapatos enter our World of Dance Shoes. At Sailor Shooz we understand how difficult it is can be to choose the right pair of dance shoes, so this article covers some of the things you might want to consider when buying your next pair of line dance shoes.

Men’s Line Dance Shoes

For the men’s line dance shoes, trip the light fantastic with our stylish black and white ‘spats’, look stylish in our top line dance shoes or draw attention to your feet with our Diamanté range of Men’s line dance shoes, in a colour and diamanté of your choice -  so Bling It On!

Style, shade and comfort is are what you are looking for in a dance shoe.  Some have one, some two but when all three of these come together as one, in the moment you slide your foot into a pair, you just know they are right for you and you can dance the night away.  Let your feet do the talking and browse away with through our top line dance shoes……. 

Men’s line dance shoes used to be, and still are, black lace ups. This was their first evolution from boots when comfort did not seem to be the priority, as long as they looked cool.  Now our top line dance shoes for men include the Spats and Diamanté shoes mentioned above, , together with shoes in alligator and crocodile, to complement our range of top line dance shoes.  

Not forgetting one of our snazzy top line dance shoes in black patent! 

Our men’s line dance shoes are all custom made to the highest quality.  The experienced workmanship that goes into each of our men’s line dance shoes is second to none, giving you the durability and performance expected from your dance shoes.  The majority of our men’s line dance shoes also come in a wide fitting if required meaning, you receive the extra comfort that wide fitting shoes bring.

All our top line dance shoes feature cushioned innersoles that provide great comfort and protect feet from shock and stress, while at the same time being extremely lightweight.  With men’s line dance shoes, this is extremely important on the dance floor.  Our top line dance shoes also have a thin suede sole that allows the shoes to glide across the floor with just the right amount of grip.  Dance shoes are also flexible, allowing the shoe to move with the foot.

Men’s Line Dancing Shoes: taking care of them

As in with all products, wear and tear play a great part but you can extend their life by brushing the soles and heels regularly with a wire brush.  This removes any dirt adhering to the suede picked up from our spotless (!) dance floors, which in turn can prevent the suede sole from doing its job.  See our accessories page for our two types of brush, a compact foldable handbag (or pocket) size brush (these come in black, pink or white) and one you can keep in your shoe bag.  All our shoes come with a free shoe bag to keep your shoes clean.  

As with all suede soled men’s line dancing shoes, it is advisable not to venture out into the rain with them on.  However, it does not ruin them if you get caught out.  You can wash them with warm water and then dry them and use a brush to bring them back to their former glory.

If you would like a zipped shoe bag, please see the accessories page for the ones we have in our range. 

Heel size is also important when choosing from our men’s line dance shoes, see our heel chart for your preferred height.  The ‘men’s line dance shoe’ heel is usually the CM2.5. However, you can choose the latin heel CM4.2 if you like a higher heel, normally used in Latin dances, i.e. rumba, cha cha or tango etc.  

We have started out our range of men’s line dance shoes with just a few of our most popular top lines dance shoes, however, if there is something you really want, please do not hesitate to contact us and if it’s possible, we can make it happen.

Check them out.  Who knew that so much was involved in picking a the perfect pair of dance shoes.


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